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Welcome to W&M Landcorp Organic Nursery. - growers of fine organic plants and produce.

All of our plants are grown on a small farm in Woodstock, Illinois. We are large enough to grow in economic quantities, yet small enough to pamper every plant. We employ typical organic growing methods such as using only natural, organic seed starting mix, soil amendments and fertilizers, and never using synthetic chemicals of any kind. We practice crop rotation and companion planting, which help to minimize soil-borne diseases and pest damage. We recycle, re-use, and compost as much as possible, and use natural mulches such as straw and leaves that not only conserve water, but also enrich the soil by adding organic matter as they degrade. We use only organic and / or untreated seeds, and save our own seed when possible. We also employ several unorthodox methods such as our bug patrolling chickens and ducks, rodent-controlling canines, and the weed-eating guard tortoises in the starting greenhouse!

Our online catalog lists all of our available plants. We offer a wide variety of seedlings, including many unique flowers, herbs, and vegetables not easily found elsewhere. Most varieties are heirlooms, but you will find a hybrid here and there. Interested in knowing more about who we are? Visit our About Us page, as well as our blog for news, updates, and pictures from the nursery. And be sure to check out our links page to explore some other worthwhile webs sites.

Please note, we do not ship our plants at this time. Click here for details and our scheduled plant sales.





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